The finding of a study, Advanced Clinical Monitoring of ART in Ethiopia to be disseminated

The TB/HIV Provisional Directorate of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute conducts data analysis and Manuscript writing workshop of Advanced Clinical Monitoring, ACM study from July 07 to 11, 2014 in Hawwssa in order to disseminate the finding soon.

According to the workshop coordinators, the manuscript writing and Data analysis workshop of the ACM project was conducted to analyze the already collected data and write the manuscript of the seven sub-studies of the ACM project.

The data was collected for the multi-center observational clinical cohort studies, entitled Advanced Clinical Monitoring, ACM of ART in Ethiopia which was aimed at assessing the longitudinal effectiveness of ART that is being implemented in Ethiopia since 2007 in collaboration with seven University teaching hospitals (Addis Ababa, Jimma, Haramaya, Mekele, Gondar, Hawassa and Armed Forces General) and FHAPCO, EPHI and Science and Technology Agency.

“Despite the enormous efforts that have been done for the success of the project including enrollment, follow-up, specimen collection and data repository, the collected data had been kept without further actions” said Ato Desta Kassa,   Director of the TB/HIV Provisional Directorate. As a result, said Ato Desta, EPHI and other collaborative members of the ACM project have decided to analyze the collected data urgently before it gets outdated and benefit the ART program of the country.

Following the analysis of the data, sections of the manuscript including background, methodology and findings had been written during the workshop and the remain sections of the document to be finalized up to mid August, 2014

The workshop attracts delegates from the Addis Ababa University, Jimma University, Haramaya University, Mekele University, Gondar University, Hawassa University, Armed Forces General, FHAPCO and Science and Technology Agency.