Our Beloved Founder




Dr. Kassaye Ketsela was born February 1st, 1942. He started his medical journey as a dedicated medical student at Budapest Medical University in Hungary, where he graduating with honors. He then specialized at John Hopkins University and returned to his homeland Ethiopia to serve his people. Every face he saw was memory some good some not.


Dr. Kassaye Ketsela was not only a dedicated husband and father, he was a true leader, and entrepreneur. He had the vision and know-how in every aspect of life. He along with a Hungarian architect designed both buildings of Saint Gabriel Hospital. His vision was to provide accessible health care to the community, to fight curable disease and ensure that the medicine practiced at Saint Gabriel met western standards. To ensure his vision, Dr. Kassaye established partnerships with internationally known hospitals such as George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC , USA and Apollo hospital in India, to mention a few. He also played a great role in introducing specialists from the United States, Hungary, India and Korea to Saint Gabriel Hospital.
He was a man who had great presence, character, integrity and an untouchable soul. 71 years went by like a flash. He is truly missed.