About Us St. Gabriel General Hospital

St. Gabriel General Hospital was established in September 1996 and is the first private hospital of its kind in Ethiopia. St. Gabriel General Hospital provides a comprehensive range of general and specialist services for both local and international residents of Ethiopia. Over the past 15 years, the hospital has served over 100,00 inpatients and outpatients.

St. Gabriel General Hospital provides 24 hours of medical services every day from Monday to Sunday for both in and outpatients. The Hospitals provide high-quality emergency services, Out-patient and specialist patient-focused care which is accessible and responsive. This care is delivered by skilled and motivated staff, in conjunction with overseas medical experts stationed within the hospital premises precisely designed for such purposes.

St. Gabriel General Hospital has taken institutional strengthening at all levels to accommodate the needs of its patients. These include:

  • Being as accessible and accommodating as possible for patients and visitors with disabilities.
  • Laying the landing area of the new helipad.
  • Extending input services & the number of in-patient beds from 30 t0 180.
  • Fulfilling all medical equipment requirements.
  • Doubling existing operating theatres.
  • Establishing telemedicine and cancer research centers.
  • Accommodating medical experts from abroad who provide medical assistance for special needs within the hospital premises.
  • Accommodating the compound with a garden and enough space of parking.

St. Gabriel has contributed to the country by the following:

  • Paving the way for accessible healthcare for the community.
  • Providing employment opportunities.
  • Assisting in nationwide emergencies.
  • Partnering with State-owned hospitals in local health initiatives.


A first private hospital in Ethiopia.

Recipient of Excellence award from Geneva.

Nominated for the Platinum Technology Award for Quality and Best Trade Name 2015.

Nominee for ” The Platinum Technology Award for Quality & Best Trade Name” in Rome, Italy in July 2015.

Nominee for the ” International Star for Quality Award” in Geneva Switzerland in September 2015.

Organizations Core Values

  • We here at Saint Gabriel General Hospital value each person.
  • We act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of our patients, community and our own staff.
  • We seek excellence in all that we do and work hard to provide outstanding care.